Frequently Asked Questions

These probably apply to most private practices, not just ours!

Why do you always have to wait so long at a medical office?
We do our best to keep our schedule realistic to allow wiggle room for unexpected delays and those patients that are more complicated than they or we expected.. If we know in advance there might be a delay, we will always call scheduled patients to alert them to the situation.

Why does it take three weeks to see the doctor?
We try our best to keep some ‘space’ in our daily schedule to deal with emergencies and serious illness, which means lower priority appointments for annual physicals, routine tests, and the like, sometimes take longer to schedule.

Do you handle emergencies?
We have limited schedule space for “walk-in” patients. Within that framework, we can deal with minor traumatic injuries and provide limited initial treatment for medical emergencies. We’ll pass your care on to the Urgent Care or Emergency Room if your condition or our schedule requires.

What should I do when there’s an urgent medical need?
If life threatening, you should call 911! During business hours, you can call our office for advice. After hours, our answering machine will provide a toll-free 800 number to call to talk to the physician on call.

How do I get refills? Call your pharmacist!
He will forward your request to us, and if we have your medical chart, we will forward instructions to the pharmacist. Please allow 48 hours to allow the system to work.

Scientifically Sound Articles Regarding Marijuana Use

Scientifically sound articles regarding marijuana use:

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